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Because of Covid 19-situation the course is displayed as a recorded film (not live broadcast).

Registration is necessary and is done HERE!
You will get a link to access the class sent to you some day before, usually the same day.

This class provides a birth preparation class for English speaking couples.
We will talk about the usual elements of an antenatal class with special focus on these topics:

  • When does the birth begin and how does the birth start?
  • When is´s time to go to the hospital
  • The Ultimate Hospital Packing-list
  • The stages of labour and birth
  • The Swedish hospital system, traditions and culture in regards of childbirth and the post partum period.
  • Painrelief options during birth (both analgesic drugs, epidural and non-pharmacological forms of pain relief)
  • The partners role during birth
  • Movement and positions for giving birth
  • What happens when you come home with the baby?

Information about the class:
If you are listed at one of Barnmorskegruppens Care Centre the class is for free.
If not the price for the course is 500 kronor.

Classes spring 2022

  • Tuesday 11th of January - DIGITAL
  • Tuesday 8th of February - DIGITAL
  • Tuesday 8th of March - DIGITAL
  • Tuesday 5th of April - DIGITAL
  • Tuesday 3th of May - DIGITAL
  • Tuesday 7th of June - DIGITAL
  • Tuesday 5th of July - DIGITAL

    If you have any questions send an email to:



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